Feminism 2.5

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Feminism 2.5

Post by jakell » Sat Oct 28, 2017 9:20 am

A nice account of the transition of Second Wave Feminism to Third Wave feminism (and lots more) by two undeniably brave** and articulate women who were also undeniably there.

The PIB reference early on evokes antifa's black-bloc, however it's just a fleeting image that popped up for me. Camille adds a little personal history along with a chuckle by seeing them as the return of the Nasty Nuns.


They report that they seemed to be winning the popular argument up to the early 1990's, but that the Nasty Nuns (Camille: " Andrea Dworkin was a monster!...", with the power of Marxism/Postmodernism behind them were the ones who marched into academia and other institutions attaining the more material prizes and hence influence.

I could go on, but to 'talk' over these two would be mansplaining, so I'll leave this with one musing: I'm not sure how far back the concept of intersectionality goes, but Feminism 3.0 gave it power (and its ideal for an abstract academic setting), and this created the bridge to other spheres such as race theory and also back into the original class theory so that individual and group power can be conjured up from very little using notions such as microaggressions and inherent privilege ('original sin' if we want to revist those nuns).
In other words, what we see at Evergreen and projected at such as Jordan Peterson***, which seems to have not much to do with Feminism, could possibly be traced back to there.

**These two have hung on in spite of constant opprobrium where many have capitulated, I'd call that bravery.
*** It seems that only when brave types such as Peterson and Bret Weinstein stand up do we see the problems... the need for bravery reveals the power of the opposition that otherwise goes unnoticed.

(There's a dropout between 7:31 and 7:55, but the video comes back)

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