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Post by BigEyeTenor » Sat Jan 20, 2018 6:38 am

Shit’s about to blow up real good.

https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2018/0 ... j-hillary/
Russiagate Has Blown Up In The Face Of Its Originators—the FBI, DOJ, and Hillary
January 19, 2018 | Categories: Articles & Columns | Tags: | Print This Article Print This Article
Russiagate Has Blown Up In The Face Of Its Originators—the FBI, DOJ, and Hillary

Paul Craig Roberts

It is exactly as I told you. Russiagate is a conspiracy between the FBI, the DOJ, and the Hillary campaign to overturn Donald Trump’s election. We have treason committed at the highest levels of the FBI and Department of Justice and the Democratic National Committee.

If you believed one word of Russiagate, you now must laugh or cry at your incredible gullibility.

This scandal should also bring down the presstitute media who have done the dirty work for the conspiracy against Trump.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUAt4Ds ... e=youtu.be

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Re: #ReleaseTheMemo

Post by BigEyeTenor » Sun Jan 21, 2018 11:45 pm

Or .... they learned a lot from Watergate and Vietnam and everything else.

http://www.unz.com/proberts/the-nsa-is- ... il-agency/
The NSA Is a Blackmail Agency
Paul Craig Roberts • January 21, 2018 • 300 Words • No Comments
The main function of the National Security Administration is to collect the dirt on members of the house and senate, the staffs, principal contributors, and federal judges. The dirt is used to enforce silence about the crimes of the security agencies.

The blackmail mechanism was put into gear the minute the news reported that the House Intelligence Committee had assembled proof that the FBI, DOJ, and DNC created Russiagate as a conspiracy to unseat President Trump. Members of Congress with nothing to hide demanded the evidence be released to the public. Of course, it was to be expected that release of the facts would be denounced by Democrats, but Republicans, such as Rep. Mike Conaway (R, Texas), himself a member of the committee, joined in the effort to protect the Democrats and the corrupt FBI and DOJ from exposure. Hiding behind national security concerns, Conaway opposes revealing the classified information. “That’d be real dangerous,” he said. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/48637.htm

As informed people know, 95% of the information that is classified is for purposes that have nothing to do with national security. The House Intelligence Committee memo has no information in it related to any security except that of Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Hillary, Obama, Mueller, Rosenstein, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, the DNC, and the presstitute media. The logical assumption is that every member of Congress opposed to informing the American public of the Russiagate conspiracy to unseat the President of the United States is being blackmailed by the security agencies who planned, organized, and implemented the conspiracy against the President of the United States and American democracy.

American insouciance is a great enabler of the ability of the security agencies and their media whores to control the explanations.
Fucking fuckers.

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Re: #ReleaseTheMemo

Post by C_D » Mon Jan 22, 2018 9:50 am

As always, The System is ahead of the curve on this one.

Golden Rule #1. Hidden (or unrecognised) systems are constantly under threat of exposure.

Over time, the forward planners of any hidden system - in whose interest it is to maintain the system as it is, because of the power that it affords them - constantly work on bending the belief of the unknowing participants towards it's agenda, which can be exploited by The System to perpetuate it's control.

This constant threat of exposure means that The System has to be pretty fluid in it's thinking, remaining highly adaptable to changing thought patterns that elude it's control. Because - in reality - only a tiny margin, in percentage terms, is required to tip the balance in The System's favour. i.e. if everything that happens in the world is 100% of the total, The System need only consistantly exert control over perhaps 1% of what happens to shape a long-term strategic gain over anything else. As a consequence - with these tiny margins of error determining whether a success or failure - The System is forced to sail very close to the edge of disaster (it's own demise) in order to retain power. It does this with aplomb. Up to a point.

The System - and it's ability to stay hidden - is under massive pressure at this moment - but it saw it coming. It has worked tirelessly since the last near-calamity, (which almost unmasked it in totality - the banking crisis of 2008) - to create an environment where if it is fully unmasked, the only choice the hitherto unknowing participants will have is; to either support it wholeheartily (things stay the same, stability), or demand it destroyed (things change radically, instability).

This is a gamble The System has been forced to take. However, through skillful use of forward-planning, it has succeeded in creating partisan zeal amongst the unknowing, splitting them roughly into two groups that are at loggerheads with one another. This suits The System just dandy.

It shall continue to play one half against the other - and this 'memo', albeit true or not, is aimed squarely at the one half of those liable to believe it.

Golden Rule #2 - there will be casualties.
In power, just like war, there will be casualties. Those that take one for the team, to ensure continuation. Some of The System's best operatives are going to be thrown to the wolves - and this looks to be The Democrats turn. This will, of course, further enrage the already incandescent Democrat voters who consider their President a bad joke at their expense. Tensions will rise across the aisle in The Republican camp. It is a self-fulfilling merry-go-round that is constantly - and with great care - fed by The System to nurture a sense of distrust in 'the other half'.

The Theatre of The Real.

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