Godel's metaphysics or fixing the cracks in the egg

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Godel's metaphysics or fixing the cracks in the egg

Post by gods+lonely=man » Sat May 26, 2018 6:47 am

I consider the people of this forum to be pretty on point so this is probably not new but i found it to a pretty great listen.

In texting a friend who i seem to have long distance synchronicity with,he sent me a few videos to check out.Before knowing the
content i wrote him that in the last few months i became aware of a more open mode of thinking where systems no longer had to
be true or false and could exist in my head as equally relative or without competition.I had always been sort of pragmatic and used one
system to understand/justify another.An example would be looking at that the bible as way of understanding human psychology and
metaphysical concepts.Doing so would allow me to try and find a relevance in things even if it was still limiting.I imaging most people do
this to varying degrees weither conscious or not.This new to me thinking where systems of though coexisting without being mediated was a real
holy cow moment cause of the realization that i was really in plato's cave and what i thought to be the exit to the light had been my
flashlight all along.After writing him about my change in thought he said he was having a similar shift and that i would enjoy
the video he had sent me earlier.I finally checked out this video the next day and the synchronicity became apparent.

Anyway that was a long winded story but i thought it was a decent intro as to part of why i posted it.Considering that it may be of
interest in possible relation to liminality and the 3rd state thinking.

As i said maybe this is elementary to some but i found it to be a great summary of a thing that i hadn't been able to summarize very
well.Hope you guys enjoy and if not i would be curious as to why.

Fyi-I have not explored the other videos on this channel but they also look interesting.



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Re: Godel's metaphysics or fixing the cracks in the egg

Post by C_D » Sat May 26, 2018 11:00 am

The chap in the video is having a series of holy cow moments himself - it's a phenomena we are going to see a lot more of, hopefully. :-)

The Realisation can literally make you weep in the same way the loss of a loved one does - but the tears and sobs are of joy.

It's a defining moment, but the echoes last forever.

The Realisation enfolds a sense of calm and understanding unimagined until experienced. At the same time (of course - 3state) an energy to think clearly, to notice everything, unfolds. The duality of frenetic, new and uncontrolled thought whilst lounging in a sea of calm is woah.

Accompanying the new thought comes an enormous sense of relief at the limitless nature of reality. Once you throw out all that has been impressed upon you and start again from personal experience of reality, the incredulity at the crassness of what is passed off as 'normal and immutable' - as if there is such a thing - will soon give way to a begrudging respect for it's complex nature - the architects of where we at now do a very good job of keeping things on track for an outcome that suits their shared ideal.

Imagine having the single most exquisite thought ever conceived, a real game changer - and telling the world incognito, allowing other people to claim the idea as their own, to embelish their own reputation and standing, to see history books praise their genius, for this new ideal to be taught to future generations, to become a part of culture and induce a major shifting of societal values as a result. And to not care that it has been taken by another. Because you know the truth - and that is enough. Enough to carry you forward to the next truth, that you will release again, to bloom, to be claimed by others.

The New will not come through Someone Else. The New comes through your Mind. Understanding how our reality works, the basic underpinnings - which are a simple set of rules based on balance - opens access to hitherto undisclosed ways of thinking that can literally change everything. It's hidden in plain sight. I love Nature so much. It's benevolent and merciless, subtle and in-yer-face, happy and sad, healthy and sickly and all states in between - but the pivotal point of balance is always there, steady as a rock as a referential point of existence.

Too perfect to have been conceived.

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