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Re: Thought of the Day

Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 2:15 am
by C_D
As we accelerate into 2018, preparing oneself for a literally insane amount of incoming data is a must.

There will quite literally be insufficient moments during waking hours to digest everything that is going to come to light.

This is the late-stage information-based society. It matures and culminates more rapidly than expected, because it's prime driver is information - the most powerful of all tools known to sentience. Information was valuable during the religion phase, was powerful during the money stage, but information is off the charts powerful during the information age. And here we find ourselves.

Those with the most information are crowned victorious. Those with the least are not. But the ebb and flow is unpredictable.

Interesting spectator sport, until it gets too close to home.

Re: Thought of the Day

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 6:53 am
by C_D

The pivotal moment at the start of a new epoch.

Have you ever wondered how it will feel to have the suspicions confirmed?

To read it in black and white and to know it is the truth?

To know that the same control system is in place today?

To have to deal with the ramifications both personally and as a society?

Perhaps you should.

Re: Thought of the Day

Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 12:25 am
by C_D

Facebook - whodathunk it would become the primary tool with which to perfectly determine who is one of them and who is one of us.

It wasn't about money, after all. That's just an added bonus.

Control the flow of information - and control those that want to believe.

Facebook is about to be depopulated by anyone with a suspicious mind.

Then they''ll know exactly who to round up for the gulag.


Sounds like an acid reflux medicine.

Got acid reflux from all the bullshit you're forced to ingest? All new Dystopia will soothe away that bile!

Re: Thought of the Day

Posted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 1:36 pm
by C_D
Who's gonna be Prez in 2020?
Or alternatively: who is the squeaky-cleanest?
Or alternatively: is there enough money in the world to paper everyone's past?

Re: Thought of the Day

Posted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 2:03 pm
by C_D
Ode to my wife.

I do not believe in God, but I believe you are an angel. You have tirelessly, gently and patiently taught me what love is, for I had no idea. Your limitless generosity of understanding has allowed me to become what I am: a different person from that which I once was - a person that is now comfortable with that which I am. All of this, I owe to you. I can never repay you for what you have given, of yourself, to me - not that you would expect repayment.
I was blessed by this reality with you.

Re: Thought of the Day

Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 11:10 pm
by C_D
We're all going to start taking a lot more notice of each others eyes.

I have seen pain, love, honesty, pity, hatred, compassion, confusion, defiance, lust, rejection and very, very ocassionally madness in people's eyes.

They tell a story without asking.

Re: Thought of the Day

Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 11:28 pm
by C_D
On a roll tonight.

Regarding dancing.

There is a unique dance within each of us. We all have a secret dance, the one we do when we are alone - or with very close intimates - and the music overcomes us.

This 'dancing' that we do in our society - this thing where we all copy someone else's dance - and the closer we get to copying it, the better we are at it - is just copying someone else's dance. It's good as a sport for Those That Really Love a Structured Life, but for those that like to step outside ocassionally - meh.

Shame, really.

Re: Thought of the Day

Posted: Fri Jan 26, 2018 12:12 am
by C_D
Third time lucky, tonight.

I know it all sounds a bit and now, the end is near... and so I face... my final curtain - which it isn't, in any way - but I'll harken back to my youth, to recount the tale of meeting a chap that I worked with in an office environment, who made an impression upon me. I won't bore you with the standard details - when, where, how - but suffice to say he was perhaps the most free-spirited person I have ever met. We skirted around one another at first, pleasant but disinterested. Then, one evening - at the pub for an office do - we found ourselves talking to one another about things esoteric.

He told me that he had but one criteria for judging another human being - their willingness to make a 'funny face' in front of him.

I was taken aback. This was a social taboo he was talking about. One does not embarrass oneself by pulling a 'silly face' in front of a casual acquantance - one would appear quite mad to anyone witnessing it!

He then proceeded to pull a funny face - scrunging back his cheeks, thrusting his chin forward, squinting his eyes half-closed whilst rolling them from side to side like some demented beast, arching his eyebrows upwards to their limit - whilst making a low moaning noise. He even scruffed up his hair - briefly - to complete the effect. I was impressed.

And there were more. So many more.

We spent some time scrunging at one another, laughing so hard it was difficult to breathe, whilst simultaneously keeping out of eyeshot of our colleagues.

It happened only once, but once was enough.

Re: Thought of the Day

Posted: Fri Jan 26, 2018 1:29 am
by C_D
4 thoughts in a single day. Woah, steady on there, old chap.

I realised this evening that the people at the top - you know, the guys that like to be in charge, run things, exert their power over anyone who'll submit - they are completely, hopelessly and utterly trapped - along with the rest of us - within the paradigm that they have imagined into existence. It's a self-fulfilling Catch-22 in which they have to conform, bowing themselves to the enormous pressure of continuation - at any cost.

We should pity them. Such pressure, always having to be bottled, leads to disturbing releases of soul-rot. It wouldn't surprise me if ritual sacrifice and the corruption of a childs innocence (to name but a couple) fall into this 'release'.

The only way to free them - and us - without violence, without war, without bloodletting - is to laugh at them. Treat ridiculous ideas as... ridiculous.

Laughter may be about to make a big comeback.

Re: Thought of the Day

Posted: Fri Jan 26, 2018 7:58 am
by C_D
There's a problem with having a God that tells you that you are special or exceptional.

It sounds like a great idea - makes you feel good about yourself and the group of people who share the belief - but it's a curse.

Because you have to live up to the false expectation.

The curse will drive you to do unimaginable horrors in pursuit of it's fulfillment. All the while, you are immunised to the harm caused, because you can't be wrong - because you are exceptional - your God tells you so.

Modern rational thought and ideas do not penetrate this mindset unless benefitting the exceptionalist.

Re: Thought of the Day

Posted: Sat Jan 27, 2018 3:11 pm
by C_D
Just need to clear up a little misconception about time travel - it is eminently possible, but only within a very specific criteria - that of the lifetime of the Chroneer themselves.
The integration of timestates between an individual's consciousness is extremely safe going backwards (order, discernment, has happened) - and extremely unsafe going forwards (chaos, non-discernment, hasn't happened) - reasons that should be obvious enough to discourage forward movement. The surprising (and at first, enormously disconcerting) thing about backwards travel is the alien nature of not only the previous self's mindset, but that of all other mindsets that interact with it. The mindset 'soup' in which we are all immersed is constantly shifting, like a thing alive. Observing one's 'former self' can be both distressing yet, for those inclined, cathartic*. The ability to relive moments from the past as an observer in the moment is staggering. *The ability to self-reflect and reconcile is essential - and any Chroneer wishing to return to current reality unscathed should throroughly understand this requirement.

Re: Thought of the Day

Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 12:41 am
by C_D
Maybe we all have to go to the bottom of the pit - to be reminded just how good we could have had it.

We had it in our power to look after one another.
We had it in our power to ease the suffering of living.
We had it in our power to understand one another.
We had it in our power to trust one another.
We had it in our power to see the future.
We had it in our power to change.

But we did not.
We did not.

Re: Thought of the Day

Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2018 5:41 pm
by C_D
Don't watch moving images for 14 days to see what happens to your dreams.

Re: Thought of the Day

Posted: Sat Feb 03, 2018 9:50 pm
by C_D
What happens to a society that can no longer believe it's own eyes?

Do we revert to experiencing that which only exists in our presence?

Re: Thought of the Day

Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 1:51 pm
by C_D
An old thought - originally here - ... 34&t=36676 - but worth repeating.
These are strange times in the culture we have allowed to be created in our name. Once the cracks are seen, there is no unseeing. Once the idea is perceived, there is no unthinking. A great wave of apprehension is creeping across a people who are beginning to question everything about the perceptions of ourselves and the very existence we inhabit. These are dangerous and volatile times, given the entrenched mindset of those who believe themselves to be with the most to lose and the weapons at their disposal to keep things 'just the way they are'.

Answers are elusive. Even framing the correct questions are fraught with complicating factors. How do you turn a collective mind, built on top-down hierachy since the days of the Roman Empire, into something non-destructive fast?

Your mind tells you it's an impossible feat.

It is not.

Our ancestors slept in a comfortable place of infinite possibilities, if they did but know it. Throughout known history, vast human civilizations have risen and ultimately, always fallen. And through these events our ancestors slept sound in the knowledge that whatever will be will be, the sun will rise tomorrow and the wonderous environment we exist in will continue to be there for us, come eathquake, flood or disease - and whether personally experienced through anger, joy, pain or indifference - the world went on.
How lucky they were.

We can no longer, as sentient beings, not a single one of us, sleep the sleep of our ancestors.

A scant 60 years have passed since our global civilisation sealed it's fate. The legacy we risk leaving for our descendants is no longer in any doubt. It is how we react to the infinitely changeable story and it's endstate that is now the important question. Will we be remembered by future existence as the people that made terrible mistakes but finally, with reverence and redemption, did everything in their power to mitigate the damage they had caused? Or venomously, will we be cursed by the dying remnants of humanity as the lunatic destroyers of sentience in this tiny corner of the Universe?

Our own civilisational 'retirement' is a conundrum that our species have never had to face before - it will happen eventually but it cannot.

To be blunt: it cannot happen because there are 439 nuclear power stations and their ever-increasing, well-documented, dubiously stored, utterly poisonous waste products dotted around our planet - that need 100% infrastruture and it's attendant processes to stop them melting down into what can only be described as Dante's Inferno. This is something new to us as a species: a man-made, non-natural peril capable of eradicating not just some, but all sentience on this planet, should a runaway, chain-reaction collapse of infrastructure be triggered by any external, natural or human-generated event of significant magnitude.

We have created our own nemesis.

We have a choice.

We could selflessly acknowledge our duty to future possiblities and rid our planet, our existence, of this greatest danger of our own making that we have ever faced. It is a Herculean task. It will require a coming together of minds on a scale beyond current comprehension. It has the potential to radically alter the mindset, lifestyle and actions of every human being on the planet. Temporarily, humanity will have a single, collective purpose on which we can agree. We have to save the future from the consequences of our own inaction.

We can experience it and see if we like it enough to keep hold of it.

I hardly need speak of a future without change.

What happens on the other side of this task is unknowable. But coming from a base of unity, a greater understanding of what we can achieve as individual yet collective sentient beings and a will to make the future as kind to us as we have the ability to control, I find it hard to imagine a return to the current paradigm. It may seen as simply ridiculous.

Our ancestors would approve. Our descendants will thanks us too, for whatever the future holds for them - a future that lies in the hands of the natural world instead of the iron grip of humankind's greatest hubris.

Re: Thought of the Day

Posted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 1:57 pm
by C_D
The reality in which we live is so far removed from what we might have become, that the pillars of everything we think we know have become so shaky as to be untenable.

The new paradigm will be called The Realisation.

Greater in scope than The Rennaisance, it shall not be a re-birth, but a new birth.

Re: Thought of the Day

Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 1:58 am
by C_D
Aaaaand... it's underway.

It's going to involve an unprecedented amount of self-reflection. Analysing each and every way in which you have spoken harshly to, or behaved unkindly toward, anyone that shares your daily life whilst simultaneously coping with the emerging facts that indicate to you, often reluctantly, that you live in a reality totally different to that which you thought you did.

It's not going to be easy.

Re: Thought of the Day

Posted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 8:07 am
by C_D
As fiat money - the current medium of exchange - draws perilously close to an end, one has to wonder what final flourish it will impress upon the world before disappearing up the arse of it's masters, in a puff of light green smoke. Considering fiat money's enormous importance - and to describe it as enormous does not do it justice, because it is the only thing that our societies value anything against - one has to assume that it's swansong will be as shattering and divisive to society - as has been it's continued existence since inception.

To whit, I suggest the following -
The most important thing in the world - that being fiat money - makes claim from the future in the form of debt.
Too many human beings have claim to too little future.
To ensure the most important thing in the world stays so, reduce the amount of human beings laying claim to that future.

Re: Thought of the Day

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:58 am
by C_D
I wonder if those with real power are seriously considering teaching those without real power a lesson - a very stern lesson. The power structure is becoming precariously exposed - ever more so each day - increasing the chances of extreme actions being taken by a group of power-addicted people that are trapped in a circular maze of their own making.

Unless we all become a lot more reasonable about the whole thing.

I still have hope for the emergence of an idea so blindingly obvious and utterly brilliant that every human being sees the sense of it - and believes in the idea so wholeheartily, that they are compelled by love, joy and wonderment to act upon it.

Before the internet turns off and shoves us all back into our tiny little boxes. The same internet that quietly cajoled us to see that we - for a long time - had lived in someone else's idea of a dreamworld. And that their dreams are not necessarily consistant with our own.

A unifying dream is required.

Re: Thought of the Day

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2018 2:48 am
by greycircle
I wonder if those with real power are seriously considering teaching those without real power a lesson - a very stern lesson. The power structure is becoming precariously exposed - ever more so each day - increasing the chances of extreme actions being taken by a group of power-addicted people that are trapped in a circular maze of their own making.

Nothing the psycho malignant narcissist does ever surprises me anymore.



I still have hope for the emergence of an idea so blindingly obvious and utterly brilliant that every human being sees the sense of it - and believes in the idea so wholeheartily, that they are compelled by love, joy and wonderment to act upon it.

I think it was Huxley that said "If Humanity were to become aware it could shake off it's oppressor as a horse shakes off flies" I"m sure that is not exact but close enough.

So what has been going on over here Coffin dweller? Long time no see. I have been hanging out at Voat pizzagate for the last 7 months. They have been having a circus with their posting rules and moderation so I decided it was all to much for me to deal with anymore. Life does not have to be that hard. *uhh^

I have not read through the threads to see what you geniuses have been up to but I am getting ready to look around. How are things going over here? I don't see a white people hate thread on the front page so I guess you haven't gone SJW on me since I been gone :twisted: