Wild Palms

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Wild Palms

Post by gods+lonely=man » Sun Sep 03, 2017 12:12 am

Has anyone here watched or rewatched Oliver Stone's Wild Palms?
I saw it when it aired and again a few years ago.Its fairly flawed because of its dating but i'm curious if it anyone thinks its relevant today in regards to trans humanism,politics in bed with corporations/media and faith in technology.
It seems like something Jasun would analyze if that has not already happened.
I won't watch it again because it is fairly tedious but would suggest it as something to invest time into..


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Re: Wild Palms

Post by jakell » Mon Sep 04, 2017 7:55 pm

Didn't see this the first time around, but I've found a decent torrent (pm me if interested) and I'll give it a watch once I've finished with the final parts of Twin Peaks.

Looking at the trailer, I'm not sure if this sort of thing can be described as 'dated' as the whole VR thing and possibilities is still in flux, possibly anything produced with today's technology would soon be dated too.

Presumably it's not about the state of technology anyway, but about how humans interface with the its possibilities, and humans have not had their hardware upgraded anywhere near as much as they would like to think (if at all). Take internet interaction for instance.. a decade ago forums looked like might take social/cognitive interaction into a more positive dimension but forums nowadays (for those who care to look around) are either devolving into social media type mental hiccuping (social media wasn't foreseen), or lightly attended echo chambers if they wish to prevent this.

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Re: Wild Palms

Post by C_D » Tue Sep 05, 2017 9:19 am

Gosh, that film looks like a stinker.

What's the end-state of transhumanism? I assume it's literally akin to Vanilla Sky. A reality of your own making.

We seem pretty close to that now without mechanical augmentation - and surprise! - it's not yours, but someone else's reality. Few trust the news from established outlets, each of us prefering to seek out alternatives (and there are many) that match our existing worldview. Being able to talk to anyone, anywhere hasn't been the liberating force it promised - it has led to way more distrust and paranoia. Again, is this someone else's idea of Utopia?
Or is this the catalyst for change? - I have doubts.

AI and VR will always have a fundamental flaw - both are created by humans. Even an AI that could create other AIs would have been initially created by a human. Effective, immersive VR would be the ultimate addiction drug. The discussion about AI and VR takes place in a vacuum in which real-world problems magically disappear. It's a side-show to the main event - the reality of now.

Can someone make a good case for AI and VR, please? I'm missing it.

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