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Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 6:24 pm
by semper occultus
I thought we had one of those : I hate using browser bookmarks now so :

nice evocative article for 70's era kids

How the power of witchcraft gripped 70s Britain

Unearthed documentaries show us the changing face of the modern witch, and how the neo-pagan became a viable alternative for the era’s disillusioned youth ... 0s-britain

also Fortean Times # 354 June-2017 has a pretty good article on 70's hauntology ( Scarfolk etc ) that I grokked - alongside some other snippets - the bizarre gnostic-style church at Rennes Le Chateu had some carvings vandalised by an Islamist nutter supposedly - sad

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Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 8:02 am
by C_D
Have you ever met a witch, semper? I've met one, but didn't realise until some time afterwards that she was thus. They have a tell. They must inform you that they are a witch - be it in deadly earnest, frivilously, or somewhere in between - before they can wield power over you.
They are born and not made.

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Posted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 9:20 am
by semper occultus
No I don't believe so. I mean I met Francis King & his wife bitd when I was a kid interested in this stuff. He used to be a tax inspector & had been taken as a POW in Korea & been subject to the Chinese "brain-washing" or re-education that they did on the POW's. And Christina 0akley H@rrington who runs Tre@dwells bookshop is a practicing witch. Be fascinated to know more.

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Posted: Sat Aug 26, 2017 11:20 am
by semper occultus

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Posted: Sat Aug 26, 2017 4:48 pm
by dusty
Reading the book Chameleo I came across this in the footnotes...
Not to drag the quality of articles posted in here down or anything... I just thought this was of note: ... 66814.html
A London police force is being sued over claims that it used two undercover dwarfs to carry out an anti-terror search.

A Russian doctor is claiming £55,000 saying City of London Police officers also sexually assaulted him and took his DNA to carry out "covert biological experiments".

Dr Alexander Sobko, of South Kensington, claims the "smiling" dwarfs approached him at a bus stop and searched him under the Terrorism Act. The case will be considered by a High Court judge and the City force has engaged lawyers at taxpayers' expense to defend the action.

A City police spokesman said: "We have instructed lawyers to contest the allegations."

The following day the Evening Standard reported a story about undercover cops busting a crack-dealing dwarf... keyword hijacking is that what they call it? ... 67197.html

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Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 5:11 pm
by semper occultus
Has 60s' serial killer 'Jack the Stripper' finally been unmasked? Boxing champ Freddie Mills 'told Scotland Yard detective who headed investigation that he murdered six women'

Six women were found strangled and naked in west London during 1964-5
First victim, Hannah Tailford, had her underwear wedged down her throat
Book claims boxer-turned-actor Mills admitted to 'Hammersmith Nude Murders'
A Freemason, he confessed to fellow mason Chief Superintendent John du Rose
Mills 'arranged his own death by getting Krays to have hitman assassinate him'
Boxer was found dead in his car with a rifle between his knees in July 1965 ... Mills.html

The murders of six young women, whose strangled, naked bodies were dumped on wasteground in west London, horrified 1960s Britain.

The serial killer, dubbed Jack the Stripper, was never found, but now a journalist claims he has compelling evidence it was British world champion boxer-turned-actor Freddie Mills, who was a Freemason.
He believes that Mills admitted his guilt to the Scotland Yard detective - and fellow Freemason - in charge of the investigation.

Former Sun crime reporter Michael Litchfield advances his theory in a compelling new book. Below is a preview of The Secret Life Of Freddie Mills.


one of the bodies was found down by Chiswick Bridge at a spot whose former local nickname - Gobbler's Gulch - gives some idea of its reputation at the time. Its been gentrified since & I sometimes visit the golf driving range there. One of the victims had some sort of acquaintance with Steven Ward of the Profumo Affair.

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Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 9:50 pm
by semper occultus
Trump, Khashoggi, & Germany’s Criminal Deutsche Bank

BY DANIEL HOPSICKER · PUBLISHED JUNE 26, 2017 · UPDATED AUGUST 10, 2017 ... sche-bank/

Adnan Khashoggi’s criminal collusion with Deutsche Bank offers clues to Trump’s own, and may provide evidence supporting prosecutorial use of the three words many defendants fear hearing: “Continuing criminal conspiracy

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Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2018 11:12 pm
by gods+lonely=man
Pedophrasty, Bigoteering, and Other Modern Scams
Clearing the discourse of abuses and abusers
by Nassim Nicholas Taleb- ... 4bd70a29e8

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Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2018 10:59 pm
by C_D
Taleb has a wonderous insight and biting wit, especially when dealing with sensitive issues that interest me. Thoroughly enjoyed that. He manages to explain his thoughts in great detail using as little langauge as possible. Thanks for posting.

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Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 4:19 pm
by semper occultus

23 September 2018

Rod Dreher

The most important political book in the United States at the moment is Why Liberalism Failed, by the Notre Dame political theorist Patrick Deneen. In it, Deneen argues that liberalism – the political and economic settlement under which we have been living more or less since the 19th century – is destroying itself. It is doing so not because it has failed to achieve its ultimate goal, but paradoxically because it has done very well at it.

In Deneen’s telling, a basic purpose of liberalism is to liberate the individual from all unchosen obligations. Its ultimate goal is to secure for the choosing individual the right to self-definition and autonomy. The anthropology of liberalism assumes no teleology. In the classical view, liberty is the freedom to live virtuously. In the modern, liberal view, liberty is the right to define yourself as you choose. As the US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy infamously put it in 1992, “[a]t the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life”.

Liberalism has worked fairly well for us over the past two centuries. So why is liberalism in a mortal crisis now? Because liberalism depends on a cultural consensus that it cannot create. Justice Kennedy’s remark – delivered in a majority Supreme Court opinion reaffirming the constitutional right to abortion – reveals the core instability at the heart of liberalism. What do you do when there is no longer a binding consensus of right and wrong, or even what it means to be human?

Liberalism in all its forms – political, social and economic – atomises society. In Deneen’s account, the liberal state presents itself as a neutral arbiter of competing claims. But without a widely shared, pre-political sense of how those claims might be judged, the state has no choice but to enforce its own view as normative. And it turns out that the normative view is that held by the power elites in the liberal state.

What happens when the elites become detached from the masses? More crucially, what happens when ordinary politics becomes next to impossible because the masses do not share a cultural basis within which they can settle disputes? That is what we are living through today.

The contemporary philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre said that we in the West were no longer living on a coherent tradition, but on incoherent fragments of tradition. We cannot settle political disputes, but only yell at each other, because reasoning should depend on a shared epistemological framework. For the West, this was Christianity, and since the Enlightenment, a secularised version of Christianity. Now that consensus has broken down. We are left only to yell at each other. ... f_the_west

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Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 11:43 am
by Harvey
Fascinating perspective, thanks Semper.

Website with collection of media on mind control

Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2018 3:30 pm
by gods+lonely=man
I came across this site a while back and just browsed it again.
Interesting in the that it is has a collection of vintage documents/media that would be hard to find collected in one site.Really a place for food for thought plus i think the layout is amusing.

Mind Control
Radical experiments in Art and Psychology 60-70s

This website is an original mediation of the MIND CONTROL research project, Radical experiments in Arts and Psychology developed at head — Geneva between 2013 and 2016. It is thought of as a platform structured by theoretical assumptions, typological classification tests and external contributions. An important documentary base allows to measure the relevance of the research hypothesis. The platform is a balance sheet, an attempt at a preliminary synthesis, but also a step towards the extension of a format at the crossroads of disciplines and institutions, between research practices and artistic practices.

The MIND CONTROL research project is part of the renewal of approaches in contemporary art history. His interdisciplinary hypothesis produces an unprecedented rereading of the evolution of the artistic fields of the years 1960/70, starting from an analysis of his relations epistemic with the paradigm of mental conditioning. The technological changes and geopolitical conditions of the time place the concept of mind control at the centre of the strategic problem of the arrangement of subjectivity and its production, in art as in the sciences of the psyche of The time.

The evolution of the practices of film, video, installation, performance, architecture and design is connected to the development of the fields of psychological, neurological and cognitive Sciences. MIND CONTROL travels the cultural field of artistic productions in the context of Cold war and its paranoia by questioning devices such as packaging spaces, capsules, helmets, spaces of deprivation or of sensory hyperstimulation by bringing them closer to the field of mental control techniques. This field includes the washing of the brain (brainwashing), the use of drugs in interrogation methods, the renewal of techniques of suggestion of hypnosis, the impact of theories of communication on models of coercion Psychological, in the lap of behaviorism and the emergence of computational modeling of the psyche.

MIND CONTROL is a research project of the HEAD — Geneva.