An alternative view of Reality - 3state. The Third State.

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An alternative view of Reality - 3state. The Third State.

Post by C_D » Fri Jun 16, 2017 8:19 am

Ok, I've had some ideas about how everything works for a while now, but I've been too lazy to actually get all these things together in a coherent fashion. I'm forcing myself to record some of these thoughts here for posterity (my own, I suppose). I have stated some of these ideas - in isolation - elsewhere. Here, I'm going to try to bring them together. I have no idea if anything here will make any kind of sense to anyone else. I have doubts, so please humour me as I attempt to explain a set of concepts that are at odds with current thinking and may sound crazy. Maybe I should be doing this on a blog somewhere - but this forum is here, it's available for use and is sparsely populated, so the ridicule factor is low.
These ideas are of born of a long, arduous, deep-seated discomfort with the The System we currently inhabit. The search for an altenative.

Now, where to begin - explaining a view of reality that is so completely at odds with current, accepted wisdom? A prologue, I guess. A bit about me, me, me. It's relevent, I suppose, inasmuch that events completely beyond my control have bought me to this conclusion.

Until I began painting, which was quite by chance, I hadn't really bought into the idea that artists change the world. The first time I picked up a paint brush was in my late forties, literally driven to do so by a constant stream of images that I experienced whenever I close my eyes. These images began appearing after a mind event at the age of 43 that left me with tinnitus and a slight weakening in my right arm. The tinnitus had a profound affect on my life - it made the first few years after it's onset a living hell. Unable to work in any normal capacity since, without the love and support of my life partner - an entity lovingly provided by the Universe to look after me, (and I, in my own way, her) - I doubt I would be here to write this. None of this would have been possible without her. She is my perfect balance and counterbalance.

Please forgive me, if I wander - I'm doing this on the fly, with no notes. In-the-moment random thoughts often yield fresh fruit.

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Re: An alternative view of Reality - 3state. The Third State.

Post by C_D » Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:32 am

Another preface.

I believe that every single sentient being in this existence is completely and absolutely unique. There are no two human beings that are the same. They may be similar, they may share common beliefs, share common causes - but each has such a bewilderingly large capacity for the interpretation of reality through their own point-of-view, that sentience truly is the definition of infinte. Bearing this in mind, one can only but assume that my experience of reality will be utterly different to your own. Ergo, this may be an exercise in look inside my mind and see the differences, they are multitude.

However, common cause (and effect) dictates to a certain extent what we experience. Most of us agree that there is ground under our feet and stars in the sky. That we breathe, eat and drink to live. That we each exist and that our actions have consequences. Beyond a few core fundamentals like this, individual interpretation of a given sentience, certain event perspectives and cause and effect outcomes can vary infinitely. I say most of us, infering that of course, there are always extremes at either end of a scale.

In an increasingly confusing existence of evolving complexity, hidden in plain sight simplicity has become shrouded and confusing in itself.
The current, dominant System promotes understanding complexity as a measure of individual sentient intelligence, an ingrained methodology that promotes the 'cleverest' to the top of a control structure that is constantly at war with itself in a bid to retain dominance over all else. This has worked well (for certain groups of people) for centuries, but the unmasking properties of modern technology - coupled with evolving sentience (yes, your mind is evolving at a pace far beyond anything you may have noticed, because you're living inside it) is leading to mass disatisfaction with the way things are - demonstrating that things really could be about to change.

The original definition of the word apocolypse is 'the lifting of the veil'. It is no accident that the word has been bastardised through time to mean 'the most horrible event you can imagine'. That which the System fears must be vilified.

OK. here we go.

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3state. The Third State. Mind.

Post by C_D » Fri Jun 16, 2017 11:38 am

I guess we could start at that place most of us are familiar with - our mind.

Have you ever stepped outside yourself? Like in a video game, looking over your characters' own shoulder, in a third person perspective? Taken the time to observe yourself - not in a mirror - but rather, divorced from, although still a part of, an entity - in it's entirety?

It is mind that first reveals 3state. Works with it, through and across it.

What is mind? It's you, the essence of you. It's where everything happens. It's where every idea that has ever been thought was conceived. Mind is responsible for every interaction with everything within the reality that each of our minds construct.

Is your mind in any way similar to my mind, or are we all on our own in here?

We exist in a binary reality. Your own personal observations can confirm this. You are hungry, or not. You are thirsty, or not. You know that which you like, or do not. You will exercise, or you won't. You will go to work, or you won't. You believe something, or you don't.
On/off. Up/down. Left/right. Happy/sad. In/out. Right/left. Alive/dead. For every action there is an equal and opposing reaction.
On a fundamental, day-to-day level, our existence comes down to a very simple principle - do, or do not, is/isn't. This is a fundamental rule of Nature within the existence of your own part of reality. I hesitate to call the place in which we exist The Universe, because that word comes with so much baggage attached to it - that of the current accepted wisdom about how reality is. I could diverge here about how much we know for sure about the Universe - which is absolutely zero, it's all theory - but I'll come back to that later.

I should explain what I mean by Nature.
Nature is the way things are in this reality. Nature is the criteria by which things occur according to a simple rule that governs our Universe. Nature is an overarching 'field' of criteria to which every part of the Universe, both pysical, and, in terms of sentience, is subject to. And the nature of Nature is extraordinarily simple - it is binary. This Reality ensures that the Universe is completely balanced and immutably so. This Natural requirement for balance, on a Universal scale, extends itself across every aspect of existence. Balance is the fundamental constant. As we shall see.

Back to mind.

If you're anything like me, you have a binary mind. Of course you do, you live in a binary reality.

First, the inner mind. The mind that is you. The mind, that if it could be read, may spell trouble :-) The mind where you do your alone thinking. The lightening-fast mind. The private mind. The mind that sometimes inexplicably 'knows' things based on a feeling. The mind that is yours, and yours alone. The mind that cannot be touched, unless allowed to be so. The mind of concentration. Of comprehension. Contemplation. Of ideas and concepts. The mind that experiences pleasure and pain - in absolute isolation. The mind that knows your reality's right from wrong. The mind that is your constant companion - and always has been.

The mind that is one half of a whole, this inner mind, that works in tandem with it's equal and opposing opposite - the Outer Mind.

The Outer mind that is the outward public face of your inward private mind. The Outer Mind that allows interaction with everything beyond the inner mind, working in tandem with the private inner mind to achieve a balance with which we can continue to function in a social environment. The Outer mind that tempers the Inner mind; the Outer mind that greets someone horrible, who wields power over you, with a smile and courtesy, diametrically at odds with the feelings of the Inner mind.
The Outer mind of self-control, of limits, of conformity. The mind of boundaries. The opposite of the Inner mind - the Inner mind of freedom.

That these two minds work hand in hand, instantaneously, as one, when they are so often opposed, is a wonder.
A wonder of Nature.
Nature's fundamental simplicity is binary. But Nature's truest wonder is how it connects these two equal and opposing states of existence seamlessly together - a sleight of hand so obvious, but hidden in plain sight. This is 3state. The Third State hidden between the binary.

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Re: An alternative view of Reality - 3state. The Third State.

Post by C_D » Fri Jun 16, 2017 7:44 pm

What is 3state?

3state is the central pivot point that allows a binary reality to switch between two opposing states.
It is the central, steadying reference point to which a binary opposite must pass through on it's transformation to opposition.
For on to switch - or transform - to off, on must pass through 3state where it references the binary opposite to which it will switch.

In fact, our binary reality exists not only in tandem with, but because of 3state. More on this later.

Each of the two opposing ends of our binary reality can be envisoned as an extended arm of, or mirror of, the central 3state that lays between the opposing ends.


on <------------- 3state --------------> off
up <------------- 3state --------------> down
in <------------- 3state --------------> out

to extrapolate further;

on <------------- 3state --------------> off <------------- 3state --------------> on <------------- 3state --------------> off

A binary reality, which we seem to, and in fact (as far as our limted senses are concerned) do inhabit, should only be able to exhibit characteristics of a binary system. That is, there should be no parts of, or fractions of, in our reality. Odd numbers, infinitum) should not exist. Yet they do. This is because of 3state. Because there is a third state. A state that lays between equal and opposing states of a binary existence, allowing for chaos where there should be only order.
3state even justifies itself by itself.

3state exists at every level of existence throughout our binary reality. It is the definitive reference point for a binary reality to exist.
It is the heartbeat of our reality. It keeps everything balanced as it should be, whilst allowing unpredictabilty, as 3state shows that switching from on to off is a three stage process, introducing the absolutely uneven to a binary reality.

Even - Order.
Odd - Chaos.

order <------------- 3state --------------> chaos <------------- 3state --------------> order <------------- 3state --------------> chaos etc

Remember, the overarching nature of Nature is balance. For every on, there is an off. 3state maintains that balance, a conduit between these two binary states.

I have good news for anyone remotely intrigued. Simply understanding the concept of 3state goes a long way to unlocking its potential. Not to mention seeing reality in a completely different way.

Of course, true to form, 3state can be wonderful, or terrible. Two equal and opposing ends of a binary opposite. In a reality where balance is immutably resolute, for every good, there is a bad. 3state can reward with the most exquiste truths, but also the most terrible realisations.
But wow, what a ride.

I'm pretty sure Leonardo Da Vinci touched the edges of 3state:
There are those that see,
those that see when shown
and those that do not see.
Next up: what is 'inside' 3state and how that translates to observable reality -

Bonus painting pic - Binary no.54_Unified Field

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Re: An alternative view of Reality - 3state. The Third State.

Post by deep state » Tue Jun 20, 2017 6:49 pm

Been reading this but got a bit stuck on your use of the word "mind." I think you are using it as a synonym for consciousness? Or psyche?

For me mind is a construct largely dependent on language and memory. I don't see the mind as perceiving anything, I think the body does that and that consciousness is closer to synonymous with body than with mind (which I sort of think of as unconsciousness, i.e, like a computer program that runs and can self-reference, but isn't actually sentient, because it;s not alive). I certainly don't see my mind as "me" ~ even tho it thinks it is!

But anyhoo

I wrote a piece a while back that maybe has some overlaps with what you're doing here, the premise of it being that extra-consensual perception relates to perceiving at a bodily level outside of mental language constructs, here: ... eption.pdf

3-state is new lingo to me altho I guess it relates to what I sometimes called "the third thing," which is that which comes out of the balancing of two apparent opposites, just as a child potentially comes out of male female agreement?

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Re: An alternative view of Reality - 3state. The Third State.

Post by C_D » Wed Jun 21, 2017 12:11 pm

For me mind is a construct largely dependent on language and memory. I don't see the mind as perceiving anything, I think the body does that and that consciousness is closer to synonymous with body than with mind (which I sort of think of as unconsciousness, i.e, like a computer program that runs and can self-reference, but isn't actually sentient, because it;s not alive). I certainly don't see my mind as "me" ~ even tho it thinks it is!
The mind is where we do 'thinking'. As you sit reading this reply, your mind is constantly analysing each sentence and deciding whether it makes any sense, or not. Whether you agree with it, or not. Cross referencing (via 3state) between the binary states of equal and opposing opposites that are held within your inner mind, allowing you to come to a conclusion - you like it, or you do not. Incidentally, cognitive dissonance is a breaking down of the ability to pass through 3state cleanly, and is fostered by the control system under which we find ourselves, via a variety of means.

Yes, the body perceives the external input, is fed to the outer mind - but it is the internal inner (the private, unknowable except to self) mind that collates and interprets the input of the senses and, having passed through 3state itself, concludes. This is done at such speed it appears instantaneous. The outer mind (the open, known to all, interactionalist) then acts as directed by the inner mind.

The mind is not only subject to 3state (constantly passing through it to weigh value judgements), but miraculously, is also a part of 3state.
The mind is unique in this respect and holds the key to fully understanding 3state.

The 'unconscious' functions of the body - breathing, converting food to energy, growing hair, telling you it's thirsty etc - are autonomic functions that Nature has 'programmed' (for want of a better word) to ensure viability as a functioning organism. All life on Earth are subject to this criteria, so to lump them together as mind is probably incorrect in my view. Also, these functions would be better termed auto-conscious, rather than unconscious.

Conscious and unconscious are the equal and opposing halves of existence. Consciousness cannot exist without the equal and opposing contrast of unconsciousness to balance it. I cannot overstate how unutterably important the concept of perfect balance is, in this reality, this Universe.
Conscious could be described as alert to external stimuli and the ability to process it - i.e. I experience, I therefore I am - if, of course, the langauge exists to express this concept.

Concious is the frenetic, demanding, relentless half of a diametrically opposed unconscious that is silent, void and still.
These two states, both conscious and unconscious, pass through 3state each time they change from one state to another. It may become clearer further down the line as we progress further towards what 3state actually is.

awake ------> 3state >-------> asleep >-------> 3state >-------> awake >-------- etc

That is to say: - as we fall asleep, we slip through 3state - the intermediate state between the frenetic state of awake (conscious) and void of sleep (unconscious) - it is 3state where we dream. Dreams are direct access, through mind, to 3state. Realisation of such can vastly improve your personal understanding of dreams. We then move from 3state to the void of unconscious, where our minds are stilled, completely and utterly, to balance and counteract the orgy of activity during consciousness. When fully asleep (unconscious), only the autonomic functions of body are evident. When we have had sufficient unconscious to have balanced the rigours of conscious, we again move through 3state to consciousness (awake). We dream twice during sleep because we enter 3state twice, once during the transference from awake to asleep - and again from asleep to awake.

Time has meaning during conscious periods. It is detectable and liveable.
Time has no meaning when unconscious. For a sentient being, sleep passes instantaneously.

So, as stated above, we dream twice during what we term sleep. But because the period of unconsciousness we term 'sleep' is void of time, the two trips through 3state at either end of unconsciousness appear as one. However, the first 3state dream state, when entering from conscious (frenetic, everything, all) to (the still, void, nothing of) unconscious will be very different from the 3state dream state of exiting the still, void, nothing of unconsciousness to the frenetic all of consciousness. This is why dreams can be very confusing and seemingly at odds.

I guess I would go further to categorise 'mind' as the link between the two opposing states of reality and unreality. The more I ponder it, the more likely it becomes that the mind is not only subject to 3state, but is also an integral part - whilst retaining its equal and opposing balancing properties required to make sense of a binary reality. This makes mind unique, in that it can conceive of itself via both evidentairy and non-evidentairy factors. Fuck me, minds are staggering.

I don't suppose this has made my definition of mind much clearer than mud for you, deep - but I can't get hung up on semantics. However you think of 'yourself' is absolutely right for you (but automatically assumed to be the way everyone else is, because we only have experience of our own mind) and I don't want to alter that view - that has to come from you, if desired.

All I can say is, 3state is an extremely simple concept that appears complex. Of course it does. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, in a binary reality. That which appears complex is simple and that which appears simple is complex. Apply that equal and opposing reasoning to any number of subjects and you'll be surprised at what comes back. From 3state. :-)

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Re: An alternative view of Reality - 3state. The Third State.

Post by C_D » Sat Jul 01, 2017 6:07 pm

Ok, slight divergence here, but highly relevent.

Our reality is one of exquisite balance. As above, so below. This 'Universe' as we have named it, is in an absolute harmony of balance, right down to the last iota of matter. I hesitate to use the term 'atom', because atom is a word for a concept that when studied closely, defies all attempts at rationalisation. This is the usual fudging by a scientific community that feeds back upon itself, whilst accepting concepts as absolutes. It isn't particularly healthy but it's the best we've got, considering so many viewpoints are involved. As a species, we need scientific concensus to be able to move forward in any manner, but it doesn't mean that the general concensus is correct - it's simply the prevailing concensus at that moment.

Weight is an extremely important concept to fully get your head around. As is Density. Linked to these two concepts (which I'll outline in a moment), is the equally important concept that Like attracts Like and Repels Unlike. Like attracts like and repels unlike are the equal and opposing ends of a binary reality.

Like attracts Like repels Unlike repels Unlike attracts Like attracts Like repels Unlike repels Unlike attracts Like attracts Like infinitum

---------> Like <----------> Unlike <-----------> LIke <-------------> Unlike <------------> Like <----------

Like and Unlike mingle in 3state (of course they do, where else!), but always revert to mean.

Like attracting Like and repelling Unlike explains the structure of our reality.

For instance - look at what we know of our planetary solar system.

Current wisdom says that gravity (an unexplained and completely random concept) has pulled the planets in our solar system together after a cataclysmic event in very early pre-history that, yet again, is complete guesswork and speculation - but which has so many holes in it that to take anything else seriously from these guys is just not credible. Newton stated that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction - this is an absolute truism, yet one that that modern science has continued to ignore for centuries. For starters, even at the level of this very basic premise, modern science has wholeheartedly created gravity whilst completely failing to create it's equal and opposing counterpart. I feel pretty embarrassed for modern science, truth be told.

So let's start to have a look at an alternative.

Some basic tenets of a balanced, density and weight dependant reality:

Always remember, we live in a Binary reality. Yes/no. On/off. Up/down. Left/right. Agree/Disagree. Your inner mind will always decide one way or the other. Shades of grey exist, but only in the 3state of mind.

*A Binary Reality requires balance of equal and opposing counterparts.*

*In a Universe/Reality of complete binary balance, each part/particle/iota within that Universe must have a standard against which it is measured - to complement and balance it's equal and opposing counterpart. This standard is measured in Density.*

*Density allows an extremely small amount of extremely high-density matter to be counterbalanced by an enormous amount of low-density matter.*

(I could probably annotate the above tenets mathematically, but really - what's the point? It would only be understood by math-heads.
I have nothing against math-heads, but equations are so boring - for those not mathematically inclined.)

(I'll come back and revise/expand/amend the above as this theory continues to take shape)

To explain the above tenets, we'll take a look at our own solar system as an example, using the following 3 componants:
1) Like attracts Like and repels Unlike
2) balance of equal and opposing counterparts
3) comparative weight, according to density.

Imagine a room with nothing in it. A cube of defined space. It's got 4 walls, a ceiling and a floor. The room is the size of your bedroom. You are floating in it's centre, weightless - able to turn and look at any part of the room you wish to. You are just an observer here - you have no effect on what happens within this space. It is only your mind that is present here, your physical body is elsewhere.

From a small hatch that opens in one of the walls, a piece of rock the size of a pebble is introduced into the room. It floats to the centre of the room and hangs in mid air. Immediately, the room in which you are floating increases to the size of a football stadium. This is the counterbalancing of density and weight amongst matter - the high density matter (the pebble) is immediately counterbalanced by the low density matter (the 'space' in the room) which increases in perfect balance to match the density/weight of the pebble. In other words, the density of the material in the pebble is balanced by an equal and opposing counterbalance of what appears to be 'nothing' in the room, causing it to expand massively in relative terms, to counteract the high density matter with the incredibly lower-density material in which you are floating. Balance is maintained.
You could also think of it this way - that if each particle/atom/iota of the pebble density 'weighed' 1 gramme and that each particle/atom/iota of the 'nothing' in the room 'weighed' 0.000000000000001 of a gram, you would need an awful lot of extra 'nothing' to counterbalance the 1 gramme of the pebble. This is why our Universe contains mostly nothing - as a countebalance to all the high-density matter contained in the stars and planets of the Universe. (Incidentally, there is not 'nothing' in space - 'nothing' is concept that can only effectively be explained by 3state, but more on that later)

The slot in the wall opens again, with another pebble being introduced into the now football stadium-sized bedroom. It immediately floats towards the other pebble and huddles next to it, touching. Again, the room has now expanded to the size of a small city, counterbalancing the high-density matter with the corresponding perfectly balanced amount of low density matter. The balance of equal and opposing counterparts is fulfilled.

Like attracts Like and repels Unlike, causing the second pebble to seek the comfort of proximity to its Like, whilst simultaneously the 'space' in the room repels the Unlike (the pebble) away from itself towards Like. These are the two equal and opposing forces that act unilaterally, though seperately, on each others matter, whilst perfect balance is maintained.


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Re: An alternative view of Reality - 3state. The Third State.

Post by C_D » Wed Jul 05, 2017 10:18 am

(continuing from above)
The slot in the wall opens (now at an enormous distance away) and a few hundred pebbles of rock are introduced.
Like attracts like and repels unlike.
These newly-introduced pebbles are drawn to the other pebbles already present - and also repelled towards the original pebbles by unlike repelling unlike. Both the twin pressures of like and unlike, acting simultaneously and equally from all directions, form a sphere of pebbles floating in the centre of the room, a room that is now so large the walls are no longer visible to the naked eye.

A small pebble of iron is introduced through the slot.

It is immediately repelled from unlike, towards that which is of a much, much more similar density.

very little <--> a little more <--> even more <--> balance <--> a little less <--> even less <--> hardly anything <-- loops back to beginning)-->

The Iron pebble, being denser than the rock pebble, immediately creates more 'nothing' than the rock pebble, thus increasing the 'space' of the room exponentially, thus creating more 'Unlike' to exponentially repel the very Unlike iron pebble towards it's more similar density and weighted 'Like' - in the form of rock pebbles.

almost no detectable density <--> low density <--> more density <--> very dense <--> extremely dense <--> less density <--> even less density <--> much less density <--> (loops back to beginning)

The Iron pebble is simultaneously repelled by the vastly Unlike and drawn to similarly Like - it settles in the centre of the rock pebbles that surround it, because it's density is slightly more dense than the surrounding rockpebbles, and is thus slighty more repelled by the vastly less-dense Unlike surrounding it, that is equally opposed and counterbalancing it's existence. The rockpebbles also repel the iron pebble, but miniscularly so, because their density is far closer to the iron than the vast surroundings and thus the equal and opposing 'field' of counterbalance is far less.

At this point, it may be helpful to envisage spherical pockets of density within a sea of 'nothing'. An analogy - Imagine a goldfish bowl full of water, with perfectly spherical pockets of air trapped at varying levels and heights within the water, held in position by the density and weight of the surrounding water acting as a repelling Unlike agent, whilst the pockets of air are attracted together by Like. This is also a perfect example of this theory inasmuch that water is, in fact, denser than air - in reality the spherical pockets of air trapped in the water will immediately seek a far less dense environment and shoot upwards towards it's Like - to rejoin the atmosphere of less dense air. Equally, reverting to a more reality experienced example, imagining a childs marble, made of glass, suspended in the fishbowl of water - the marble will immediately seek it's density and weight Like - and drop to the bottom of the bowl and sit there, it's density and weight being far closer to that of the glass of the bowl and the earth and rock beneath it, than that of the infinitely less dense nature of the air above the fishbowl.

The slot opens and a quantity of oxygenated air is introduced. Guess what? The Unlike of almost nothing expands again, but not as much as when the same volume of iron or rock was introduced, but exponentially expands exactly to counterbalance the 'weight' of the air introduced.
The air seeks Like density, and is repelled from the Unlike towards it's nearest Like density.
The air settles in the only position it can, being repelled by the Unlike of 'nothing' and drawn towards the similar Like - of density. It settles above the rock pebbles, forming the outermost layer of the growing sphere, in-between the boundary of where the density of the rock pebbles begin (drawn to Like) and the repelling nature of the Unlike pushes it.

And there we have the answer for what we call GRAVITY. YES. GRAVITY.
Gravity is the equal and opposing counterbalancing of matter by means of weight/density attraction and repulsion. Perfect balance.

I'm going to draw some illustrations for the next post. Right now. :-) Maybe some sun first. Gotta get that Vitamin D up.

note to self - what is the weight/density of everything measured against, if everything in this reality is binary? If our reality is the 1 as opposed to the zero, or vice versa, where/what is the equal and opposed state that counterbalances our own reality, that which is the opposing one or zero for balance? Arp. Galaxies. The nature of attraction/repulsion. Spin. Vortex. Russell. Rodin. Mirror. Consider the attributes of a trinary or a quadrary reality? 3state. 'Electricity'. Binding. positive/negative. Riddle me this: if opposites attract, why do the poles of a magnet not attract one another to meet in the middle of the magnetised bar - they clearly repel? 'Electrical' fields. What is electricity. or maybe how. Light. The concept of Nothing.

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Re: An alternative view of Reality - 3state. The Third State.

Post by C_D » Fri Jul 07, 2017 2:35 pm

Ok, gonna stay with the more 'physical' side of things, but will side-track for just a moment -

deep said:
3-state is new lingo to me altho I guess it relates to what I sometimes called "the third thing," which is that which comes out of the balancing of two apparent opposites, just as a child potentially comes out of male female agreement
Indeed. But 3state runs across and through everything. It is the only possible, probable, glaringly obvious transition stage between two opposing and counterbalancing states which our binary reality demands. It allows our minds to function, it is the heartbeat of time, it will ultimately prove the existence of reincarnation, it will reveal how our Universe works and what lays beyond - it's applications are limitless - bound only by a thirst for knowledge.

The entirety of 3state is hidden from us by minds that understand it's importance but have only, so far throughout history, touched the edges for their own selfish purposes. Nature demands balance and is in the process of evening up the playing field on the side of evolution of mind for humankind, before we destroy ourselves. Nature is nothing if not balanced. And by extension, in the long-term, fair. I know you dislike Gurus, deep - and I hope you don't think I'm looking to become one. I'm not. I am simply telling, in my own words, an observation that may make sense if you have a mind anything like my own. I make no guarantees.

If anyone is reading this, 3state is accessible. Yes, it really is. You access it everyday, without realising it.
Intuition. Value judgments. Deja vu. 'Knowing'. Dreamstate. Inspiration. Imagination. Creation. Art. Music.

Advanced 3staters - Shamans, mystics, magicians, seers and saints have accessed it through the ages. Little did they know that all of them were accessing the same place - the transition phase of a binary reality - and it provides the accessee with what they need to know - although not always what is expected!
The counterbalance of the white magic of the shaman is the dark magic of the occult.
They are all drawing from the same well and receiving from it what they require. 3state.
white occult <---> 3state <---> black occult
light occult <---> 3state <---> dark occult
'good' occult <---> 3state <---> 'bad' occult
The equal and opposing balancing counterparts of a binary reality.

You can look further and further into 3state as you become increasingly aware of its existence. Plus, you can really crack it open through a method that I will describe once I have laid out the Theory of 3state in it's entirety. This involves utilising The Thing That No One Talks About - and obviously, until we talk about The Thing That No One Talks About, this makes little sense, because no one talks about it. :-)

I guess you won't have heard of 3state because that's the name I gave to it, after being forced to acknowledge it's existence through my paintings which themselves began in 3state. This sounds like madness and mayhap it is. Equally, what sounds mad today may be commonplace acceptable tomorrow.
insane <---> 3state <---> sane :-)

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Re: An alternative view of Reality - 3state. The Third State.

Post by BigEyeTenor » Sat Jul 29, 2017 1:31 am

I get what you're saying. But I don't think it's "binary". I'm not sure how to explain this with words. Maybe I'll try later.

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Re: An alternative view of Reality - 3state. The Third State.

Post by C_D » Thu Aug 10, 2017 10:29 am

It feels like time is running short - and indeed, because within a binary reality, in which time itself is passing through a referential foundational state (RFS / 3state) between 'pulses', time itself is subject to one of the two opposing and equalizing 3state forces that act upon it - in this phase - moving away from still towards frenetic - slow to fast. This happens in what appears to be an indetectably slow manner to the human mind, because Nature, in her absolute wisdom and balance, has provided a referential foundational state in 3state (of course!) - a stabilising mechanism within the mind (itself an instrument of such exquisite delicacy, beauty and currently inconceivable awesomeness) that allows us to get used to it as it happens. [This raises questions about pain and illness and the ability of the mind to deal with it's Feeling Effect. This is a reminder to consider this later.]

pulse <--> 3state <--> pulse <--> 3state <--> pulse <--> 3state <--> pulse
I use the term 'pulse' to refer to an individual slice of time, seperate and distinct moments of reality that each have referred to, and will refer to, the 3state that both preceeds it and follows it. I would suggest, co-incidentally, that the time frame construct that our reality/universe actually runs within is the 50 cycles per second of AC electrical current whilst our 'time' (24hrs) is localised specifically to our solar system. What we term 'electricity' is such as massive concept that we have barely scratched the surface - although Wal Thornhill and minds at the Electric Universe are providing some extremely interesting thoughts and new interpretations, many of which strike me as sound. Ultimately, it comes down to belief. "All things are known because we want to believe in them."

Incidentally, this 'speeding up' of time - as it moves towards the extreme frenetic end of the binary opposite - possibly suggests that a 'big crunch' is not on the cards, but rather a moment where time has increased to a speed where everything happens simultaneously. I do not, however, fear for the human mind to be able to exist within this, because Nature (the intrinsic everythingness and nothingness of 3state - we'll get to this later) has provided a coping mechanism that we exist within today. This is evoloution of mind to cope - and imagine. It may explain near death experiences, where time foreshadows itself at it's own natural End-State, compressed within 3state, which is itself the transition and RFS between life and death. Our lives are compressed into a moment for review in 3state. This may also give us a tantalising glimpse of 'maximum speed of mind' - which is, to all intents and purposes, instantaneous. This leads to questions regarding the action of photon pairs that simultaneous react with one another over infinite distance. And other stuff, which I may need a lifetime to look at. Mustn't get distracted.

life --> 3state --> death --> 3state --> life --> ...
You may notice the heresy contained in the above ditty. You may be offended by it. Following the concept of life and death within the 3state framework to it's End-State (with todays mind) leads me to believe that re-incarnation is a real possibility, although it's nuances and finesse are yet to be determined. Imagine a life where death is no longer feared. If you can. In most cases, the sentient minds of the animal kingdom operate outside of this notion of death and are far free-er for it.

The Theory of Relativity, once claimed to be understood by only three people in the world but now understood and believed by many, attempts to fix a defined point in the sea of constant motion of time and space from which to find of point of referential stability. This theory is the best estimate that a mind of it's time was able to conceive. Nothing wrong with that. But we have moved on - on the back of it - into a reality of belief in science fiction. This science fiction is fascinating and imaginitive, building systems and branching into abstracts to justify itself, resulting in a belief system that has ingrained itself within a societal system that is increasingly petrified of self-reflection (facing that which now know is incorrect) and consequently - change.

Idea compels change. Ergo, fear of change stifles idea. Vicious, meet circle.

At one end of the spectral band of human thought, that which seeks the uncertain new as opposed to the binary opposite of a safe old, we have reached a juncture in development of mind, just as we always have - and always will. The fear of change - and it's inherent uncertainty of 'for good or ill' is recently having a profound effect. The Arts, and in particular, creativity, are suffering at the hands of denied self-reflection and fear of change. Where are the new genres of music? Of creative writing? Of art? We have stagnated right now - and this echoes into every facet of our lives as we try to make sense of what comes next based on what has gone before. These binary opposites are a natural occurance that can help us understand our reality and are intrinsic to our inate inabilty to look forward as well as behind - the position in which we are now prevaricating.

We are transitioning through 3state towards a state of counterbalance to a different paradigm - away from that which we have inhabited for living memory.
This fills me with enormous hope. And of course, counterbalanced by the enormous fear and uncertainty of what must be done to achieve it.

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Re: An alternative view of Reality - 3state. The Third State.

Post by C_D » Sat Dec 30, 2017 2:52 am

How does one begin to talk about The Thing No One Talks About?

I suppose it all hinges on state of consciousness. Obviously, state of consciousness is highly subjective, it beings one's own current state. And it depends on the definition of consciousness, for which there are many varied interpretations. I'll start by defining my consciousness - the only place I can start.

Consciousness is an inate ability to receive and interpret external and internal stimuli through material and/or ethereal experience, exercise judgement and response - or not - to that external or internal stimuli with current state of consciousness internal and consequently externalised stimuli.

State of Consciousness is affected to an extent by the society and culture that one inhabits. This can and does affect the material experience enormously. Ethereal experience is as varied in nature as there are humans alive. Ethereal experience is as valid and ubiquitous as material experience, yet generally misenterpreted or misunderstood because we are living in a later-stage technological materialist society. Figures, I suppose.

I find state of consciousness easiest to explain by comparing the difference between the drugged and non-drugged state of consciousness.
I have experienced three states of consciousness in my lifetime* - un-drugged state-of-consciousness, alcohol state-of-consciousness and marijuana state-of-consciousness.
This prossibly sounds boring, maybe a big so what, but these things are differing states of consciousness in my opinion, so worth looking at.

Of great interest is the difference between the alcohol state-of-consciousness and the mariuna state-of-consciousness. For me, the two are very, very different. I talk now in generalisations - they seem to be very different states-of-consciousness for most human beings. I'l refer to them as Usoc, Asoc and Msoc from hereout, it's less typing. Asoc is generally a place we go to escape Usoc, whereas Msoc is a place we generally go to complement Usoc. Of course, this is a generalisation - there are always anomolies and extremes that deviate from the standard norm. Both of these two states of consciousness - Asoc and Msoc - are arrived at by use of external material stimuli - ie. ingesting fermented grains in the case of Asoc and ingestion of a derivative of the mariuana plant in the case of Msoc. And here's the reason I explain the bleeding obvious in the the last sentence - there is another state of consciousness that most of us experience many, many times in our lifetimes - arrived at, induced by and delivered to ourselves by our own internal stimuli. This is The Thing That No One Talks About.

It is here that everything that matters does not matter. The majesty of all and nothing. It is here that you can know it all - yet be empty. Peace of mind. This is a hotline connection to 3state.

The first rule of 3state is belief. This is counterbalanced by the second; disbelief at it's enormity.
The gift of 3state is the answers to questions you had not thought to ask. Some are comforting, some are terrifying, but all are real.
Explore The Thing That No One Talks About state of consciousness. Go on. Try.

Am I mad? Quite possibly.

*there have been a few other states of consciousness not drug-related, but I'll deal with them some other time, if I can be arsed. The Thing That No One Talks About state-of-consciousness (TTTNOTAsoc :lol: ) is the most important - it's our own, personalised state of consciousness, the others are usually sub-states of this one as far as I can tell - could be wrong.

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Re: An alternative view of Reality - 3state. The Third State.

Post by C_D » Thu Jan 18, 2018 8:36 pm

The Thing That No One Talks About.

Is it because it's such an intensely personal experience - or is it something else?

In beginning to write about it, I feel as though I am breaking a social taboo - perhaps the most powerful taboo we have.
No one talks about it, which I find odd, considering it is such an intensely pleasurable feeling - the most pleasurable feeling known.
Nature made it so - a very, very powerful tool to ensure procreation and thus continuance.
All that comes before it, leads to it. Like a drug - once sated, it recedes - returning again like clockwork for another hit.

It is a different, unique state of consciousness.

Science distracts from it's potential with talk of chemical reactions within the brain. But what if it is more than it's sum total?
What if it is Natures way of unfolding the Universe into your mind in a gentle way? Manageable. But not without peril.

For all that there is - must and will be balanced.

This is classic, core, the basic hidden in plain sight.

Something has always existed within you that you had no idea was there. Not a clue. To find it - unmask it - at any age, is a delight.

Within The Thing That No One Talks About is a doorway to 3state.

3state is The Gap In The Space Between.

3state is the necessary balancing switch between the two possible states of our binary reality, a refernce point to maintain the order of Nature.

3state contains everything - and is within itself counterbalanced by corresponding nothing.

It is the everything place that seers, prophets, the black arts, white witchery, psycics, ESP and intuition originates.

It is the nothing place in which meditation seeks the solace of stillness. The tranquility of nothing is a sight to behold. It is as beautiful as everything - perhaps even more so, because it is a new experience for most. We all experience varying degrees of nothing during sleep, but we are unconscious. To experience it consciously is a different matter altogether. Beauty of the infinite.

Conceptualising 3state -

everything is perfectly counterbalanced by nothing
each part of everything has a 'weight'
each part of nothing has a weight, infinitely less than any or all parts of everything
all of the 'weight' of everything is counterbalanced by the 'weight' of nothing
an enormous amount of nothing is required to balance everything - an infinite amount, in fact (incidentally, this may explain the quandry modern science finds itself in with regards to the great big holes of nothingness within matter)

to be continued...possibly tomorrow

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Re: An alternative view of Reality - 3state. The Third State.

Post by C_D » Sat Feb 03, 2018 10:12 pm

I just had to post this here as an example of utter horseshit being talked by a charlatan - and I use the term somewhat sarcastically - 'scientist'

:lol: *nodoh*

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Re: An alternative view of Reality - 3state. The Third State.

Post by C_D » Tue Feb 06, 2018 12:10 pm

Electrical communicative force is instantaneous throughout our perceived reality, unaffected by time.

Sentience stands at the uttermost central point of scalability within this reality. It is a unique pivotal point. Extending away from sentience is the infintely larger and contracting within sentience is the infinitely smaller.

Scale spreads infinitely in either direction, both from and towards.

Away from the infinitely large towards sentience, through sentience, towards the infinitely small away from sentience.
Away from the infinitely small towards sentience, through sentience, towards the infinitely large away from sentience.

-----> away from infinitely large towards ------> sentience ------> away from sentience towards infinitely small ------> ? -----> away from infinitely small towards -----> sentience -----> away from sentience towards infinitely large ------> ? -----> away from infinitely large towards ------> sentience ------> away from sentience towards infinitely small ------> ? -----> away from infinitely small towards -----> sentience -----> away from sentience towards infinitely large ------> ?

2:1 ratio

? = 3state?

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Re: An alternative view of Reality - 3state. The Third State.

Post by C_D » Thu Feb 08, 2018 1:53 pm

Imagine being able to cope with anything that life throws at you - because you understand why.

Here's a couple of things that understanding 3state - and subsequently connecting to 3state - can do for you -

First, I must point out that we exist within two states of consciousness every day - awake or asleep - due to the binary nature of our reality. The first of these states - awake - is extremely chaotic and unpredictable, balancing the serenity and calmness of the second state - asleep.

As explained a few posts ago, when passing from one state of consciousness to the other - from awake to asleep - we pass through 3state, which connects one to the other. Equally so when asleep to awake. So each time we sleep we pass through 3state twice - once on the way into - and once on the way out of - sleep.

awake ----> 3state ----> asleep ----> 3state ----> awake

Let's take a brief look at the 3state transition phase from awake to asleep - your waking consciousness (or mind, or you, or whatever you perceive it as) is taken from a state of total activity (ALL) to a state of no activity (NOTHING) in, quite literally, a moment of time so fractionally small that you have never, not once in your life, had the capacity to remember it. This drastic change, a reversal from one opposite to the other, is, in and of itself, a staggering feat. And yet, within this moment of time - a fractional slice so small as to be unrecountable - within 3state - you will dream the entire first half of your sleeping state dream quota. Equally, at the other 'end' of sleep, whilst transitioning through 3state from asleep to awake - from NOTHING to ALL - you will dream the second half of your dream quota. They appear to your awake 'mind' as one single event, not only due to the absence of time within the sleep state, but also because 'you' were in a state of absolute nothingness during sleep.

Now, going from ALL to NOTHING is very different to going from NOTHING to ALL. Of course, they share the distintion of being equally opposing counterweights balancing a binary reality - but beyond that, they are very different. I am yet to determine just how different, but that will come to me in time - I just know it. How do I know this? - because 3state provides answers to questions you didn't know to ask. Huh, what does that even mean? As a very broad example, it's like this: you are seeking an alternative answer to a question that already has an answer, because the existing answer just doesn't sit right with you. Somehow (intuition maybe - incidentally, a weak-force part of 3state) you just know that the answer isn't right, but you're unsure as to exactly what the answer is. By connecting to a deeper layer of 3state, beyond the already powerful layer in which we exist normally, 3state gives you clues as to what the answer you are seeking actually is. It's not like you can simply think 'what is 1+1' and the answer from 3state comes back as 2, it's more like you'll be sitting having a coffee - or washing your hands - or talking to a colleague - and the thought ' to experience all that there is to experience - and to understand it all' pops into your head and you immediately know the question is ' Why are we here?' However, more often than not, the answer that pops into your head is not even something you have ever thought about. And yet, the question is immediately obvious. This is the power of unlocking the deeper layer of 3state within the waking state.

You need only connect with a deeper layer of 3state once. Once is all it takes, baby. Thereafter, you are permanently and irrevocably connected.

How being connected to a deeper layer of 3state affects the two states of consciousness:

Waking State.
Provides answers to questions you didn't know to ask. Paradoxically, this makes 'reverse engineering' the question that you didn't know to ask extremely simple to comprehend - because you have the answer. It becomes completely self-evident.

Here's where things start to get really interesting.

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Re: An alternative view of Reality - 3state. The Third State.

Post by C_D » Mon May 28, 2018 12:31 pm

the human mind appears to be an anomoly amongst sentience, or is it?

sentient <------> 3state <-------> non sentient

if a dog had the sentience of a human, would it choose to wear a skirt or smoke a pipe? Human sentience is extemely human-centric.

so, how would a dog - with the equivalent reasoning sentience of a human being, but dog-centric - live it's life?

there are those that see
there are those see when shown
and there are those that do not see

there are dogs that see (on)
there are dogs that see when shown (3state switch)
and there are dogs that do not see (off)

or alternatively

there are dogs that see (off)
there are dogs that see when shown (3state switch)
and there are dogs that do not see (on)


it's looking increasingly likely that sentience (mind) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of 3state. Of varying degrees across the spectrum. An opposing and balancing counterweight to what we classify as non-sentience.

That reminds me, got an interesting story to tell about my cat.

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Re: An alternative view of Reality - 3state. The Third State.

Post by C_D » Wed Jun 06, 2018 8:26 am

First, be aware - 3state is overwhelming to begin with. It shows you many things about yourself that you will find hard to cope with. But, because they are internal truths that have been shown to you by yourself (realisations) - as painful as they may be, the remedy lies within yourself to correct them. And you can, because you are in control. This is the internalised relief that 3state gifts to you.

Second - Once you have experienced 3state, you will know stillness - and the chaos - of everything. This memory, which you may occassionally access (or experience again) - provides an enormous sense of grounding. You will be able to cope with literally anything that comes your way in a rational, centred and honourable (in terms of self-worth) way. Balance can be maintained, as required.

Third - your dreams become another lifetime. Dreaming (the transition between conscious and unconscious and back to consciousness again) will become a more pivotal part of your existence. Whilst many dreams will remain seemingly senseless whilst experiencing them, upon returning to wakeful reality you will understand their meaning completely. You are in for a few surprises - within the dreamstate, we are shown what we are capable of in reality - and in our dreams.

Four - A sense of purpose becomes apparant. Through personal interaction with 3state, I sensed that each individual mind has it's own sense of purpose - that varies by as many minds that exist. Each to their own. 3state also shows that the concept of infinity is just that - a concept - a concept in and of itself that exists solely to allow the human mind to understand a concept so enormous that it opens up endless possibilities.
Nature has been kind to us, if we did but know it.

Fifth - 3state gives answers to that which you did not know to ask. With the answer in your hands, the question becomes self-evident.


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Re: An alternative view of Reality - 3state. The Third State.

Post by C_D » Fri Jun 15, 2018 1:59 pm

What's on the other side of the creation engine?

Assuming we live in a binary reality - and that a mind occupies the sweet spot right in the middle of the third state (thus perception) - and that 'as above, so below' is correct in terms of scale (i.e. everything observable in the outward macrocosm is a perfect reflection of the inward microcosm - and this poses a few more questions yet to addresssed) - what's on the reverse side of the creation engines at the heart of galaxies?


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