The Wall

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The Wall

Post by Harvey » Thu Jun 21, 2018 12:00 am

Trump made a big deal of his wall. He made precisely no move toward building it. He continued the practice of detention and deportation begun, as far as I can tell, under Bill Clinton. During the intervening years the detentions escalated until by Obama's turn, the same or similar practices as now are well under way. The connections between Trump and many of those at the centre of the Pizzagate story are interesting. Is it possible to discuss the entire picture without the usual left/right theatre but as a coherent whole, of which only small pieces have been glimpsed?

If the wall was never intended to be built and if the current furore over separated and caged migrant children was always a likely possibility, the strategic reason for the wall might be to rally the wingers firmly behind Trump if and when the time came, have them clinging to continuing detention of children as the next best expression of their artificially generated hysteria over immigration. If the wall was ever only a symbol, a device, its real purpose might well have been to convince the wingers that stealing children on mass could only ever be about immigration, never about the uninterrupted flow of undocumented children into the USA. The very thing a wall might seriously interrupt.


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Re: The Wall

Post by C_D » Thu Jun 21, 2018 9:01 am

Gotta be very careful here, Harv. But we can talk about hypotheticals... right?

Hypothetically, if there were a religious cult that had one of it's bases in America, which demanded child abuse and sacrifice as a means to feed it's power - self-justified in the minds of the cult, because it manifests itself as the actual power that they wield there - then this would be a 'right under their noses' kind of deal, wouldn't it? In a world increasingly switched on to these possible practices, where procurement methods are increasingly under scrutiny, the shorter the supply chain, the better. And what better supply chain can be wished for than self-propelled delivery to your doorstep?

Lambs to the slaughter. Willing lambs to the slaughter. The irony is rich. The cult loves this. Willing is, in some ways, sweeter than forced.

As always, it's multifaceted, multipurposed. The spectre of 'The Wall' serves to divide the indiginous population in thought, pitting them against one another - dīvide et imperā. The cult has metaphorically seen the writing on the wall (I wonder where the true origin of that saying comes from) and is making provision to abandon America for greater and greener pastures. Deals will be done.

Have you looked into Belt and Road? Fascinating new world order idea. Lots of cult potential. Once you see it as they see it - that human beings are a natural resource to be used by deity-ordained masters - the potential access to hundreds of millions of fresh innocents must have them slavering and shaking with anticipation. Happy days for the cult.

Anyway, all these words are simply thoughts. Not facts. Just thoughts. None of the above is real.

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