Conspiracy movement of today

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Conspiracy movement of today

Post by gods+lonely=man » Sun Sep 30, 2018 4:32 am

There seems to be some kind of critical mass or velocity happening with conspiracy theories.What once was the realm of a few ostracized sleuths who diligently searched for breadcrumb trails in the diverse fields of the marginalized shadow world of thought,it is now becoming common parlance and taking over consensus reality as a mirror,in some ways acting as metaphor while to a growing number of people it is becoming their operating paradigm.
These conceptual frame works are quite diverse and can have many differing or similar ideas but almost always the one shared foundation is that the reality presented to use is false,causing suspicion in most cases while full blown paranoia in others.Acting as a sort of memetic virus the conspiracy seed seems to take over a number of peoples operating views of reality as well as creating addictive or even zealot like behavior.Normal life no longer has the same appeal and often people who do not share the same vision are look down upon as being asleep or robots.This is not to say that they are wrong in their views but to some the questioning of those views is unforgivable.Its akin to cult like behavior where the fact that they are in the special few reinforces the idea that they are correct.
What i’m trying to understand is why this zeitgeist is happening and where is it going?Is it just the result of things like information overload,social media,societal failures,technocratic aversion,science fiction,ect or is it truly some new awakening,revelation,consciousness,step forward for humanity.
The diversity of thought is in this field is quite large and encompasses the highly intelligent as well as the lowest rung dregs of pundits with many in between.It was once a labor of love that some pursued without any expectations of return to now being on many levels a cottage industry or even a full blown professional enterprise.
Whatever niche of thinking be it ufos,flat earth,cloning,ai,demons,end times,cryptids,nwo,quantum universes,mk ultra,black eyed children,planet x,fema camps,politics,tesla,ext there are many many people researching, consuming,theorizing,and believing in to the point that it is no longer considered at all fringe.
The resulting effects of this seems not to have an answer and could be positive(unifying,empowering, revelatory,emancipatory)or negative(hyper fractioning,paranoia,isolating,delusional).
As a person who has been following many of the trends in this field in varying degrees i have started to question what the nature is of all of these alternative reality theories.What to believe,what to put aside,or essential what to do with it.
It at times is so overwhelming that i think it better to take on a cynical or at least skeptical approach since it can create cassandra syndrome like feelings or questions that are existentially unanswerable.
Maybe others feel the same way,i would hope that at least the questioning of why this has come about is as important as the questions being asked in all of these theories.

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Re: Conspiracy movement of today

Post by C_D » Fri Oct 05, 2018 7:45 pm

gods said:
What i’m trying to understand is why this zeitgeist is happening and where is it going?
Semper's latest post might have something to do with it:

Multiply the above by the increasing individualism explosion and where we head next is looking very interesting.

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